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Our innovative leasing and contract negotiation is the future of Oil and Gas Leasing. Have you scheduled a no-cost consultation yet? Everything you need in a Lease is fully considered and hand-crafted directly into a lease agreement that we negotiate together. Simply put, if you want it in the Lease, so do we!


Large Corporations favor their Shareholders, making it difficult for you to receive a fair share of the profits. Our approach is the complete opposite and the reason no one else offers it is very simple, they haven’t considered you, the Mineral Owner.

Contract Language

When it comes to your Lease Contract, nothing is more important than the details. With our process, every section is considered and nothing is missed when it comes to your protection.

Our Fee

Our Fee is negotiated over and above the amounts you receive. We are fully transparent from front to back and make sure our success is based on yours.

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